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Document based sagas for dummies

In previous two post, CQRS for dummies and CQRS for developers we saw how to derive our target architecture from an ordinary night at the bar. However in those to post we only considered things going on in our own head. This post will be about all the things going on around us, about how [...]

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CQRS for developers

From the CQRS for dummies post we can extract a couple of important concepts. Non blocking operations, we can continue to speak even when our conscience is gone. Eventual consistency due to persistent storage of past events, the conscience was able to get back in synch without missing that we did break some of it [...]

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CQRS for dummies

Most of us have been in situations where a part of our self starts acting on its own. One example of this is the common situation when we open our mouth and starts speaking before thinking. Somewhere in our brains there is a process (our conscience) that will stop us from saying dumb things.  If [...]

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