Document based sagas for dummies

In previous two post, CQRS for dummies and CQRS for developers we saw how to derive our target architecture from an ordinary night at the bar. However in those to post we only considered things going on in our own head. This post will be about all the things going on around us, about how we interact with other people to complete tasks in a collaborative manor.

Now, how do we usually go about solving things collaboratively?

We create a form/document for it!

Forms are simple documents with some basic guidance built into them telling the current actor how to completing it. E.g. sections that state to be filled in by applicant so that the applicant know which part of the form he or she need to sign without any additional information. But it also contains information on where to send the document so that the process can continue.
(See real world example here.)

These documents can be copied, completed in partial and later merged by different actors.
A better example of a more complex process is the degree project form that contains lots of steps that involve many different actors.

Now start applying this way of modeling your processes in software too.

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