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Accessing Ubuntu running on Hyper-V over Remote Desktop

This is a note to self (and anyone else who tries to access a virtual Ubuntu guest on Hyper-V from a RDP-session). Mouse capture does not work in Hyper-V when accessing it from a RDP-session unless you have installed the integration services in the guest OS. (MS does not provide integration services for Ubuntu…) In [...]

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AuthenticateRequest not raised when doing a Server.Transfer

I’ve recently enhanced a legacy product with support for “custom links” by writing a simple HttpModule.

The module is very simple, it hooks in to each request and check if a mapping exists for the current path.
In order to do this all it needs is a simple map of new to old (legacy) paths.

If a mapping is found, a call to Server.Transfer is done to transfer the request the the correct page.

This worked like a charm until I realized that the AuthenticateRequest was no longer raised when visiting a link that was served using my new module.

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C programming sucks

I really love all the cryptic errors you can run into in this fantastic language. void replayAllPastEvents(DumbThing *dumbThing){ // read events from disk, bla bla bla apply(dumbthing, event); // <- explosion in this call // … } The code did compile but crashed due to a segmentation fault in the apply function. Can you spot [...]

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Solving the html word wrapping problem in DayPilot Lite

A while ago I ported the DayPilot Lite calendar/schedule control into a Monorail view component and everything went smooth except for the word wrapping. Whenever an event in the calendar/schedule contained a word that did not fit the placeholder the entire description was hidden from the end user. It looked like this: When it should [...]

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Scalability, Availability & Stability Patterns

Awesome presentation on Scalability, Availability & Stability Patterns by Jonas Bonér.

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The call to method ‘Deserialize’ needs to be dynamically dispatched, but cannot be because it is part of a base access expression

Error 66 The call to method ‘Deserialize’ needs to be dynamically dispatched, but cannot be because it is part of a base access expression. Consider casting the dynamic arguments or eliminating the base access.

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Invalid argument in JDBC call: parameter index out of range

16:45:04,220  WARN JDBCExceptionReporter:100 - SQL Error: -62, SQLState: SOO10
16:45:04,221 ERROR JDBCExceptionReporter:101 - Invalid argument in JDBC call: parameter index out of range: 7
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Visual Studio 2010 build with xunit.net output

xUnit.net QuickStart

A couple of months ago I was trying to explain the concept of unit test and test runners within Visual Studio for a couple of friends. Needless to say there was some confusion around the fact that you needed a plug-in (TestDriven.Net/ReSharper) in order to run a plug-in (Gallio) that runs a plug-in (xunit-runner) in [...]

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Importing and exporting using Mercurial

This post will be a quick introduction to a revision control tool called Mercurial. (Mercurial is also known as hg from the chemical element Mercury’s symbol in the periodic table.) Background On my development machine I have a repository with a couple of commits I want to share with the rest of the team. Exporting [...]

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