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Access a Mercurial (BitBucket) repository using SSH key from TeamCity

This post outlines the problem pretty well as wall as part of the solution: However our build server did not read the mecurial.ini file when placed in the SysWOW64/config/systemprofile folder. (You can test this by running hg showconfig from the console running under the systems account.) Instead we had to place it in the [...]

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Setting up kdiff3 for git on windows

Install kdiff3 (I use the version bundled with TortoiseHg). run the following commands in the git bash: git config –global merge.tool kdiff3 git config –global mergetool.kdiff3.path "C:\Program Files\TortoiseHg\kdiff3.exe" merge! git mergetool

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Watin and portable Firefox

I stumbled over this thread in the Watin archives and thought that it sounded like a great idea to use a portable bundle of Firefox for our acceptance tests. However it took some more effort in getting this thing to work than just changing the FireFox.PathToExe property. Changing just the property will just make Watin [...]

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Accessing Ubuntu running on Hyper-V over Remote Desktop

This is a note to self (and anyone else who tries to access a virtual Ubuntu guest on Hyper-V from a RDP-session). Mouse capture does not work in Hyper-V when accessing it from a RDP-session unless you have installed the integration services in the guest OS. (MS does not provide integration services for Ubuntu…) In [...]

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Spring javamailSenderImpl bean configuration for Gmail

<bean id="mailSender" class="org.springframework.mail.javamail.JavaMailSenderImpl"> <property name="defaultEncoding" value="UTF-8"/> <property name="host" value=""/> <property name="port" value="465"/> <property name="username" value="…"/> <!– e.g. –> <property name="password" value="…"/> <property name="javaMailProperties"> <value> mail.debug=true mail.smtp.auth=true mail.smtp.socketFactory.fallback=false </value> </property> </bean>

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Komprimera dokument med PDF

PowerPoint-presentationer och Word-dokument lämpar sig väldigt bra att komprimera till PDF. Här ska jag visa hur man kan komprimera en presentation på 2½ MB till ungefär en tiondel av dess originalstorlek. Senare versioner av Office paketet kan själv exportera till PDF. Har man inte tillgång till senare versionen av Microsofts Office paket så kan man [...]

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