Disclaimer: This is an old and outdated Swedish degree project/thesis form that I just ran through google translate.
It will contain translation issues and other funny things.

Degree in

 Computer Science 

 Numerical Analysis

 10 credit points (only XYZ)
 12 credit points (only Ma, NV)
 20 credit points
Completing this form then the thesis to be disclosed.
The original provided to the student counselor, copies to the supervisor,
  examiner and student.
Student (name):  
Social security number:   E-mail:  
Mailing address:  
Telephone (work): (     ) Telephone (home): (     )
Form of studies:  Ma  NW  MD  Lapse. course.

Title of work (informativ!):

Place of thesis (company / authority):

Contact person (name, address, phone, e-mail address):

Reading section covers (only for 20p-job):

(Note: course in practical Swedish with computer-aided document production, 2p, is a compulsory part  the loading portion of the computer scientists in the period. course, not reading this in Dat fk II.)
The following tasks are approved Signature Date
Oral pres., Attendance (student counselor):    
Oral pres., Attendance (student counselor):    
Inläsningsdel (supervisor's approval):    
Report (supervisor's approval):    
Report Formalities (student counselor):    
Oral pres. Persons (examiner):    
The entire thesis (examiner):    
Extradition Date :   20    -    -      sign : Grade (examiner):