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Never version things by date

Suddenly our CI-machine started to fail on code that we had not touched for ages. Test(s) failed. Expected string length 6 but was 4. Strings differ at index 0. Expected: “foobar” But was: “test” The test that broke the build was very straight forward: [Test] public void SettingsShouldSupportCRUD() { ApplicationSetting.Delete("Test.ABC");   var setting = ApplicationSetting.Get("Test.ABC"); [...]

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Watin and portable Firefox

I stumbled over this thread in the Watin archives and thought that it sounded like a great idea to use a portable bundle of Firefox for our acceptance tests. However it took some more effort in getting this thing to work than just changing the FireFox.PathToExe property. Changing just the property will just make Watin [...]

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AuthenticateRequest not raised when doing a Server.Transfer

I’ve recently enhanced a legacy product with support for “custom links” by writing a simple HttpModule.

The module is very simple, it hooks in to each request and check if a mapping exists for the current path.
In order to do this all it needs is a simple map of new to old (legacy) paths.

If a mapping is found, a call to Server.Transfer is done to transfer the request the the correct page.

This worked like a charm until I realized that the AuthenticateRequest was no longer raised when visiting a link that was served using my new module.

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