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Access a Mercurial (BitBucket) repository using SSH key from TeamCity

This post outlines the problem pretty well as wall as part of the solution: http://weichhold.com/2010/08/12/using-mercurial-over-ssh-with-private-key-in-teamcity-ci/ However our build server did not read the mecurial.ini file when placed in the SysWOW64/config/systemprofile folder. (You can test this by running hg showconfig from the console running under the systems account.) Instead we had to place it in the [...]

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Importing and exporting using Mercurial

This post will be a quick introduction to a revision control tool called Mercurial. (Mercurial is also known as hg from the chemical element Mercury’s symbol in the periodic table.) Background On my development machine I have a repository with a couple of commits I want to share with the rest of the team. Exporting [...]

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